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Welcome to the Human Resources Management Certification Institute (HRMCI). A brand name synonymous with building the HR brand and culture. It’s affiliated to Human Resources Management Institute (HRMCI) United States of America.
There is more to HR than meets the eye. People have construed HR as an administrative function that hires and fires employees only, but it isn’t. The industry has evolved from the era of being merely one of personnel management to one of human capital management. It is also important to redefine the HR function as a strategic partnership with other key players within a business, and one that helps to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk.

Improve Employee Turnover
High employee turnover hurts a company’s bottom line. It cost twice as much as a current employee’s salary to find and train a new recruit. As an human resource professional, you’ll know how to hire the right people for the company from the start. Interview candidates carefully, not just to ensure they have the right skills but also to check that they fit the company’s culture. It’s important that you outline the right compensation and benefits too. Human resource professionals also need to pay attention to employee’s personal needs. You’ll need to discuss clear career paths too as employees would like to know how they can grow within the company. Human resource professionals usually only see employees when there are problems but to reduce employee turnover they will regularly visit staff members and enquire if they are okay and happy.
Conflict Resolution
Workplace conflict is somewhat inevitable as employees have different personalities, lifestyles and work ethic. While doing the human resource management course, you’ll be taught how to handle conflict in the workplace and how to resolve it. You’ll also be taught how to handle the situation as professionally as possible. It doesn’t matter whether the conflict arises between employees or an employee and someone in management, you should be able to assist both parties equally and not choose sides.
Employee Satisfaction
Human resource specialists are usually charged with the responsibility of determining employee satisfaction. As a human resource management student, you’ll learn how to set up surveys, focus groups and interview strategies to help you determine whether employees are content or not. Human resource professionals determine what the underlying causes are for employee dissatisfaction and they address those issues and motivate staff members with creative solutions. They try to find out what exactly these problems are that employees are facing and look for ways to assist them where needed.
Improve Employee Performance
Human resources teams develop performance management systems. If a company doesn’t have an human resource professional, candidates can easily get a job without having the necessary skills and expertise for the position. And for this reason, human resources is needed in every workplace. With the line-manager, you’ll have to give employee performance reviews on an annual basis. Be open about their accomplishments and things you think they could have done better.
Training and Development
Human resource departments conduct needs assessments for employees to determine the type of skills training and employee development programmes that are required for improvement and additional qualifications. Every startup or company in a growth phase can benefit from identifying training needs for its staff. It’s less expensive to hire additional staff or more qualified candidates. This can also reduce your company’s employees turnover and improve employee retention.
Helps With Budget Control
It’s critical for human resources to define as many processes as specific projects, be it the 360-feedback review, the annual pay review or the development of a new program. As an human resource professional, it’s important and helpful to understand the broad budget of a project. Human resources curb excessive spending through developing methods for trimming workforce management costs. Human resource professionals also ensure competitive and realistic wage setting based on studying the labour market, employment trends and salary analysis based on job functions.

About Us

Welcome to the Human Resources Management Certification Institute (HRMCI) is a registered brand name synonymous with building the HR brand and culture. It’s affiliated to Human Resources Management Institute (HRMCI) United States of America.
HRMCI institution of higher education located in Nigeria and providing a variety of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We work with ESPAM Formation University and Sainte Felicite University, Benin Republic in delivering our courses.

Courses Offered

In association with ESPAM Formation University and Sainte Felicite University, Benin Republic.
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resource Management
• Master of Science (MSc) in Human Resource Management
• Post Graduate in Diploma in Human Resource Management
• Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Business and Management
• Diploma in Human Resource Management

Why Study at Human Resource Management Institute?

• ALL courses conducted by HRMCI are Assured by ESPAM Formation University and Sainte Felicite University, Benin Republic and therefore internationally respected and recognised.
• ALL HRMCI courses are directly linked to ESPAM Formation University and Sainte Felicite University, Benin Republic and students have a clear pathway to qualify with Bachelors (BA / BSc) and Masters Degrees.
• The Universities we work with have a distinguished history of over 10 years and highly ranked, respected and unblemished.
• Our Master's Degrees take one full year for Coursework and one full year for Research in conformity to the highest academic standards.
• Our Diplomas for school leavers take 18 months
• Our Diploma students have a seamless progression pathway to a Degree.
• Our Diplomas for experienced or otherwise qualified individuals take 12 months for coursework and 3 months for research.
• We are committed to supporting students in their academic and professional progression, career advancement, personality and character development.


HRMI has been instrumental in building the HR brand in worldwide and beyond the local shores. We started off as a group of like-minded HR professionals who meet up periodically to discuss labor and industrial relations issues. Then, Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI) was officially registered with 6 members. Now, HRMI owns a strong network of over 50000 members and represents the interests of over million employees in worldwide.


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