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The HRM Professional and Certification Institute is a not-for-profit Association, independent of any employer, governmental, political or union organisation, with a strictly professional nature.

Objectives of the Institute

1. To improve the quality and effectiveness of professional human resource management and to enhance the value added from the HR profession; by developing certifications and standards

2. To stimulate and assist in the establishment and development of HR educational centers worldwide in accordance with global standards;

3. To create a global network for HR practitioners and organizations promoting affordable and consistent HR system and advocating for HR profession;

4. To support or represent HR practitioners around the world;

5. To commission or create, collect and disseminate research that broadens understanding of HR management and development issues;

6. Provide professional certifications in accordance with global standards
Such as Certified Personnel Manager * *Certified Human Resources Professional * *PGD HRM * and *Chartered Human Resources Consultant which are registered Trademarks of the Institute.

7. Assist in facilitating self-financing international study trips, Organise self-financing international conferences,

8. Encourage exchange of research reports by members, promote the voluntary exchange of professional publications (such as journals, periodicals, bibliographies, etc);

9. Assist members with the arrangement of seminars and conferences, involving helping finding speakers, publicity, etc;

10. Encourage the development of codes of ethics for categories of her members such as Doctoral Fellows, Fellow members, Chartered /Full members, Associate members, Affiliate members, and Corporate Members.


CIHRM has been instrumental in building the HR brand in worldwide and beyond the local shores. We started off as a group of like-minded HR professionals who meet up periodically to discuss labor and industrial relations issues. Then, HRM Professionals and Certification Institute was officially registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and Approved by the Federal Ministry of Education. Now, CIHRM owns a strong network of over 2000 members and represents the interests of over million employees in worldwide.


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