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Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management (CIHRM), under the Chartered-Ship House Bill No. 319, 2019 in partnership with the HRM Professionals and Certification Institute. A brand name synonymous with building the HR brand and culture. It’s also affiliated to Human Resources Management Institute (HRMCI) United States of America.

Vision Statement:
To be the Global Centre of Excellence and shaping the future of the HR profession through our members worldwide
Mission Statement:
To provide research, advocacy, and representation to promote the standing of the Management profession and engender HR Management best practice within workplaces


CIHRM has been instrumental in building the HR brand in worldwide and beyond the local shores. We started off as a group of like-minded HR professionals who meet up periodically to discuss labor and industrial relations issues. Then, HRM Professionals and Certification Institute was officially registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and Approved by the Federal Ministry of Education. Now, CIHRM owns a strong network of over 2000 members and represents the interests of over million employees in worldwide.


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